7 Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Mother’s Day gift can be hard to think up. Moms deserve appreciation for their love and hard work, but sometimes you just don’t know what to get her! The past year has probably seen a big lifestyle shift for the mom in your life; many people’s work or schooling now being done online. Jewelry or purses are always nice but she might not get many chances to wear them if she has no time or reason to dress up. With that in mind, here are 7 great Mother’s Day gift ideas that will make her life a little easier!

1. Loungewear

This past year, we’ve spent more time at home than ever–and people have been switching to loungewear more than ever. While hopefully the pandemic will be over soon, comfy clothes to wear around the house will never be outdated. Sometimes, moms are just too busy to freshen up. A stylish set of loungewear can make Mom feel a bit more “put together” on a difficult day. This set is two pieces and comes in several different colors so she can mix and match.

2. A Personalized Calendar

What’s better than combining sentimentality with productivity? Whether she’s stay-at-home or heading into work every morning, desk calendars are still extremely helpful for moms managing their busy day-to-day schedules. With this calendar, you can personalize each month with a photo of whatever you want–maybe a family photo, a selfie, or a snapshot of the family pet. This is a great way to customize your Mother’s Day gift. 

3. Coffee or Tea Sets

Gift sets are a classic and thoughtful way to treat your loved one. If Mom is a big coffee lover, instead of getting her a Starbucks gift card, consider gifting a coffee set to pep up her day. This one comes with sampler sizes of coffee beans in four different flavors and origins. If she’s not interested in coffee, you can also try tea or hot chocolate sets.

4. A Weighted Blanket

What could be better than giving someone better sleep? Those with insomnia, anxiety, or sensory processing issues have been using weighted blankets since the ‘90s. These blankets have been developed to add extra weight without being stifling hot. Because they feel like a warm hug and can be very calming, they’re great for a restless sleeper. This Mother’s Day gift would be great for any mom who has trouble sleeping or simply could use some extra comfort. 

5. A Kindle Paperwhite 

Busy moms might not have the time (or extra space) for heading to the bookstore. If Mom is an avid reader, consider getting her an e-reader like a Kindle Paperwhite for Mother’s Day. E-readers are popular because they are so accessible for modern readers. These are portable, waterproof devices that will let Mom read without the extra hassle. All it takes is a few button-presses and she’s got the next bestseller downloaded. Many libraries also offer online services so she can borrow books with her Kindle for free.

6. Gift cards for Audible or Amazon Prime Video

Speaking of reading, audiobooks are very convenient for moms because they are hands-and-eyes-free. If she likes reading but has no time for it, this could be the perfect way to help her accomplish her reading goals. However, if she’s not interested in reading, consider making her Mother’s Day gift a membership to a streaming service like Amazon Prime Video. These gift cards can be used to buy or rent movies and tv shows.

7. Air fryer

Air fryers are all the rage lately because they’re not only efficient, they can make meals healthier than with traditional frying. These cookers “fry” food without any oil; instead, it uses hot air. Believe it or not, your food will come out just as crispy in half the time. If Mom loves cooking or wants to cut back on oil or butter, an air fryer might help her out. This particular air fryer comes with presets for frozen foods, poultry, steak, vegetables and more. It’s also compatible with smart home devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The idea is you press and go! 


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