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Hair Restoration Services for Mommies
01/01/2024 - 01/01/2025    
All Day
Join us for a complimentary event designed for mothers to explore solutions for concealing hair thinning caused by pregnancy. Learn about permanent makeup procedures.
Business moms - Facebook Pages and Groups
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Welcome to our online event for all the hardworking business moms out there! Join us as we dive into the world of Facebook Pages and Groups and [...]
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Nannies and Mommies is focused on putting moms first by hosting and connecting you with family friendly events for your kids, and most importantly, creating those unforgettable memories between the mother and child and nannies. We offer a fun environment that allows new moms to meet other moms and offer them support through our Facebook group. For example, we help supply mothers with mom coupons (coming soon), nanny services, kids’ entertainment, things to do with your toddlers, and awesome games and products for your kids! In addition, we are also here to serve nannies in any way we can, whether that be by providing guidance and advice, or help you to connect in finding you the perfect nanny job via our Facebook group.

Throughout our site, you will find a lot of information regarding activities, events, products, advice and more. Therefore, we hope you find just what you are looking for! We are a San Francisco, California based company, but we are here to help you, no matter where you may be. If you have any questions about any of our events, products, or any other offering, please feel free to send us a message in our Contact Us page.

About Us

Inspired by a passion for home and family and a desire to bring people together, was born. Whether you are a Mommy looking for fun activities or unique products to share with your kids, or a Nanny interested in connecting with families aspires to be a resource for you.  

Welcome to Nannies and - we hope your visit will be a great experience!

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Explore Our Fun Virtual Events & Bay Area Attractions For Your Families

Also Check Out Our Online Store For Awesome Cute Gifts for Your Kids!

Family fun events for kids


Explore all of the exciting events happening near San Francisco, CA, and the bay area! Not from California? Well no worries! We also have kid friendly online events that you can attend with your whole family. Basically, we have it all! Nonetheless, our group is here to support all local moms and caretakers in any way possible.

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Shop with us to find adorable accessories for you and your child! We sell a variety of items, specifically for moms and kids. Therefore, our popular items in our shop include “Mother Baby Headbands”, stainless steel bracelets, hair clips for kids, hair ties, and cool sunglasses for kids. However, we also host a marketplace for clothing, toys, baby items and more! Nannies and Mommies is the perfect place to find gifts for new moms and nannies, or just simply gifts for your child. Check out our shop today!

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You can promote your events in the event section. If you’re hosting an upcoming event, we can help you to reach a wider audience right here on our website. Let us know what kind of event you are holding, and we can help guide you toward your targeted audience. Family friendly events and children’s activities are very popular on our site. Post your event on our site today! Also, see more options our advertising page how can we help you to reach your goal. 

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Yes, we have a blog! Mommies and nannies share their tips, tricks and experiences to guide you through it all. It's just like your very own forum for mothers! Our blogs can help moms meet other moms and offer a space for them to ask questions, get answers, and just connect with other women who are having similar experiences. Which is why our number one goal is to help you get all the support you need!

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Our website has a lot to offer, therefore, there is a high chance that you might have questions, concerns, or would just like a bit more information about a specific item or activity. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us a message with a brief explanation and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are always open to new ideas from creative caretakers like you!

Jobs for nannies and caretakers


If you are a family searching for a babysitter, or a caretaker in search of a job as a nanny, we have got you covered. Also, If you are an experienced and motivated nanny, feel free to scan through our jobs or join our Facebook group to find which one works best for you. Secondly, If you need some assistance, feel free to ask us “How to become a nanny?” on our contact us page. However, if you are a family needing some reliable nanny care, please use our platform to post your job in order to get the services you need as soon as possible!


We know how important playdates are for kids, and for mommies and nannies. We invite you to post upcoming playdates so you can find others in your area. Playdates are a great opportunity for kids to learn social skills and have fun while making new friends. Moms and nannies can use the time to relax and discuss parenting concerns with others. Find your new playdates in your area and connect with local moms. 

Nannies and Mommies market place


As the saying goes, "One person's trash is another person's treasure.  Our Marketplace is an online exchange where you can find and sell items.  Have old dinosaur toys that are just collecting dust?  Why not post them for sale on our Marketplace?  Looking for items for your child?  Why not search our Marketplace for items such as baby clothing, strollers, books, etc. Our Marketplace offers a cost effective way to search for items - chances are if you are looking for it, someone has it for sale.

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family events

If you are constantly scouring the internet for “free family events near me”, search no further! We are continuously updating our website with new family-fun events and activities so you can always be up to date. Take a look at our Bay area family events calendar to find some fun activities for you and your kids. However, if you don't live near the bay area, you can check out our virtual events for your convenience. 

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Become a part of our community by following us on Facebook and Instagram. There are lots of fun perks and benefits to joining our social medias, such as giveaways, coupons, and some really useful information. We have helped thousands of local moms and are dedicated on becoming a great resource with our moms and baby group! We look forward to welcoming you to our community!