Bolster Their Imagination with These 8 Indoor Play Games

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Whether it’s a snow day, a rainy day or just a lazy one, sometimes you can’t get outside for playtime. Still, your kids want to burn off their energy! You need some games that will keep them entertained–and maybe even something that will make a few great memories along the way with indoor play games!

Here are 8 indoor play ideas that you can try with almost any age. A few of them are classic games or activities you might have done as a kid yourself, but some are probably new. As you transform your home into a land of fun and imagination, they’ll practice their creativity and their motor skills.

Indoor play:

Freeze Dance

You might have played this classic dance before! Play a song and stop the music every now and then. The kids must “freeze” in place whenever the music stops. You can have them freeze in silly poses or with funky faces. 

Older kids might find this a little childish, and if so, you can put them in charge of music while you play with the younger ones. Play their favorite songs and together you can have a dance party! 

Scavenger Hunt

Turn your house into a wonderland of hidden treasures. Choose something to hunt for, like a pattern, color or word around the house. Mark each item off on a list as they find them.

To add a little extra fun, you can have your kids pretend they’re a pirate, an adventurer or a princess stuck in a castle. You can even hide specific items around the house. Remind them of their favorite storybook with a secret letter or candy gold coins. Let theirs (and your!) imagination run wild!

Yoga for Kids

You might think of yoga as something only adults can do, but yoga for kids is a great indoor play activity. It’s healthy for them to stretch, use their muscles, and practice calming breaths. You can find many great resources online, such as Yoga with Adrienne. Some online sites have yoga especially made with kids in mind. 

Or you can do it on your own! Have them stretch out on a mat and practice some good poses, like downward dog or warrior. They’ll burn off some energy and hopefully feel relaxed and at ease. 


Charades is fun for the entire family, no matter what age. There are many variations, but the classic way to play is to have one person go up front and pantomime a book, song, celebrity or activity. You can choose specific categories like sports or Disney. 

The others must guess what the word is. First person to guess gets one point! For added fun, you can split players into teams and the first team to guess gets the point. Or you can set a timer and take turns. The possibilities for this indoor playtime are endless! 

Who Am I? Game

Similar to charades, this classic game can be played many ways. The most common way is to have each person write down a famous person on a post-it note. You can set a category like singers or Disney characters. For very small children who can’t yet read, you can also use pictures instead of names.

Then, have each person pass the post-it to the next player. Remember, it’s a secret! So they shouldn’t know what the post-it says. Then, each player will put the post-it on their forehead

You’ll take turns. The first player will ask yes or no questions to figure out who they are, such as “Am I a boy?” or “Can they sing?” After they ask their question, it’s the next player’s turn. The first person to guess correctly wins!

Blanket Fort

Who doesn’t have good memories with a blanket fort? This is one of the most popular indoor play games and for good reason! Together, you can build a great space for reading, movie-watching or cuddling during your nap. 

Choose an area with lots of space. You can build your fort around the couch, table or whatever you can find. To add some extra flair, you can make a theme, such as a pirate ship, spaceship or underwater cave. Add lights, pillows, snacks–and of course, blankets. 

Puppet Show

Puppet shows might sound like a lot of work, but they don’t have to be! Use an old sock or wooden spoon and together you can decorate with paper, felt, googly-eyes and pipe-cleaners to create their very own little puppet. Again, you can choose a theme, like fairies, animals or spooky ghosts.

Then you can set up a puppet theater–two chairs and a blanket will do just fine! Put on a show for the family and let their imagination show on stage. 

Mission Impossible Obstacle Course

Test your child’s spy skills by creating an obstacle course in your own hallway. For this indoor play activity, you’ll need crepe paper and tape. 

Tape lines of crepe paper from one wall to the other. You can zig and zag them high and low.

Then, have your child try to get through without breaking the crepe paper! They’ll feel like they’re Carmen San Diego and can practice their sleuthing (motor) skills. 

Have you tried these indoor activities? Staying indoors doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, with these indoor play ideas, you can make memories that they’ll look fondly on when they’re older. Do you have any more indoor play ideas? Feel free to comment below or send us an email!


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