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Happy Spring! I love this time of year! The weather, the blooms, the baby animals. It’s such a happy season! Spring always means that Easter is around the corner. Easter art for kids is always so colorful and adorable. Here are some top picks of Easter art for kids. 

Easy Easter Art for kids

Not every mom is a crafty mom! These are the recommended Easter Art activities for kids with the not -so- artistically gifted mother. These ideas are perfect for the busy mom who doesn’t have a lot of bandwidth to craft with their child.  An added bonus–  these Easter art ideas use materials that you likely already have in your home! 

Easter Egg Pom Pom paint 

Grab some construction paper and cut in an egg shape. Get out some paints and some little pom poms and let your little little Picasso get to work! If your little one doesn’t like messy fingers, you can use clothespins to hold onto the pom poms. This activity is great for building fine motor skills for younger children!       

credits: sassydealz.com

Easter Bunny Craft 

For this craft you need a paper plate, some cotton balls, glue, and some white and pink paper for the bunny ears! First, have your child cover the paper plate in cotton balls.Then, cut out two ear shapes and tape to the back of the plate. Finally, brainstorm together some materials from around the house that you could use for whiskers and eyes. (Think:pipe cleaners, cotton swabs, yarn, goggly eyes, buttons, etc.). It’s always fun to see what our kids think up! This Easter art could also turn into a mask for kids! 

credits: simplytodaylife.com

Handprint Bunny

This handprint bunny is a super easy Easter craft for kids! And it’s also a great keepsake! Simply trace your child’s hand on construction paper, then cut out. Fold down two fingers to create the bunny arms, cut off the middle finger and voila – you have your bunny! Older kids will enjoy creating their own bunny faces, while younger children may need a little help. 

credits: www.onelittleprojectatatime.com

Footprint Carrot

This footprint carrot is also a great keepsake! Kids love to look back at their art projects, especially ones where they can see just how much they have grown. For the footprint carrot you need paper orange, green, and white paper and orange paint. Have your child step in paint, or “paint” the bottom of their foot, then have them carefully step on the white piece of paper. Cut out the footprint and glue to orange construction paper in a carrot shape. Add some greenery on top. An adorable and easy Easter craft for kids! 

  credits: craftymorning.com

Easter Art Projects

The following are Easter art ideas for kids that may be a little more time consuming, or require a two step process. 

Easter Egg Rocks  

This is a great art project that can keep giving and giving. First, go on a nature walk with your kids, looking specifically for egg shaped rocks. Then, it is time for some water play! Give your rocks a bath to make sure they are clean. While they are drying, pick out pastel colored paints. Choose a color to paint each rock entirely. Once the base color has dried, add designs in other colors! Use q-tips and small paint brushes to create fun and unique designs for each rock. Once the rocks are dry, they can be used as decoration, or can be hidden for an Easter Rock hunt!

credits: www.projectswithkids.com

Salt painted Easter Eggs      

For this art project you need card stock, Elmer’s glue, salt, and watercolors. Draw an egg shape on card stock, including different designs on each egg. Trace over everything with glue, then add a liberal amount of salt, fully covering all of the glue. Allow to dry and gently dump off excess salt. Then dab on watercolor paint to color your eggs! The outcome is a beautiful, puffy looking art piece- a perfect addition to Easter decor for the season!

credits: atteslilacsandlullabies.com 

Egg Carton Hatching Chick     

These cute little egg carton chick’s are super simple to make, plus a fun way to recycle egg cartons. Stretch this activity by filling these cute chicks with jelly beans or pastel colored m&m’s. Deliver the chicks to neighbors or friends in the area to get them in the spring mood. 

 credit: craftymorning.com

Egg Carton Chick Gift   

Another cute little egg carton chick’s idea. Fill these cute chicks with pastel colored m&m’s. Share the Easter love with the little cute carton Chick. Easy to make and fun to share.

credits: practicallyfunctional.com

Edible Easter Art

The following are Easter art ideas for kids that may be a little more time consuming, or require a two step process. 

Easter Bunny    –  Marshmallow craft 

Trace a bunny drawing with glue and add marshmallows! A cute, easy, and yummy way to celebrate Easter with kids! Placing the marshmallows along the line is great fine motor skill practice for young kids, and you can guarantee they will be enthusiastic participants in this craft! 

 credit: classymommy.com

Easter Bunny House

We’ve all heard of gingerbread houses, right? This is an Easter version! Use Easter inspired ingredients to make a wonderful house for a peeps bunny! So fun and yummy too!

credit: www.itsalwaysautumn.com

Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats

Fun idea to make rice krispie treats and form them into an egg shape using a plastic easter egg coated with cooking spray! Hollow out the middle and add yummy treats in the middle of the egg krispie treat.

credits:   makelifespecial.com

Bunny Lollipop            

This is a super simple Easter craft turned treat for kids! First, grab a package of lollipops. Then simply wrap two together to look like bunny ears and add a bow and fluffy white cottontail (via a pom pom). Such a cute treat to pass to friends or share with classmates at Easter time!

credit: www.smartschoolhouse.com

Religious Easter Art 

Easter is an important holiday for those who are religious. A great way to help kids grapple with the Easter story is by engaging them in a tactile way. Easter art for kids that reflect the Easter story can be really powerful. 

He is Risen 

Materials needed for this craft are mainly paper, glue, scissors, a hole punch, and paper fastener.  This is a craft that will likely need some parent support as it can be a little tricky to get just right. 

credits: nontoygifts.com 

Resurrection Garden        

This Easter art project for kids recreates Christ’s tomb using some basic garden supplies and grass seeds. It’s a tangible and tactile way to discuss new life and growth. 

credits: sweettmakesthree.com

Easter Art for Kids… that parents love too

Easter Egg Dye   

(with natural dye colors made with everyday ingredients)  

The ultimate Easter art activity for kids is dyeing eggs! Yes, there are tons of egg dyeing kits out there. And sometimes just buying the box kit is enough! But, if you have a few hours to kill, these Easter eggs dyed with natural ingredients like beet, onion, turmeric, hibiscus, cabbage, ad beet kvass are incredibly gorgeous. Plus- just think of all the learning your kids will get– food exposure, color mixing, etc.  

credits: mommypotamus.com 

Easter Egg Dye with Stencils    

(Natural ingredients and flower stencils) 

These Easter eggs dyed with natural ingredients and stenciled with flowers and plants are beautiful! Using flower stencils is perfect for the spring season. This is a great way to get our kids outside, in and interacting with the natural world. Enjoy!

credit:  nourishingmyscholar.com

Take what is useful, and leave the rest

Well-there’s the roundup of fun, different, easy, tasty Easter art for kids! Remember that these are suggestions for activities to set up for your child, but if this isn’t your thing, skip it! There are so many suggestions for ways we can “best” mother, and no one has time/energy/interest for it all! 

Happy Spring, Happy Easter!

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