How to Ask for a Raise as a Nanny


If you’re a struggling nanny in terms of asking for a raise. Unsure of how to approach it? Check out our engaging guide!

how to ask for a raise as a nanny…

Don’t be shy about requesting a raise! Research typical nanny rates in your area and rehearse your talking points beforehand. Schedule a dedicated time to discuss compensation with the family. Approach the conversation with courtesy and professionalism, but be clear and direct about your request for a raise.

Highlight the value you bring to the family – mention the positive impact you’ve had on the children’s development, your reliability, or any additional responsibilities you’ve taken on. By confidently presenting your worth and the value you provide, you can have a productive conversation and secure the compensation you deserve.


Before approaching your family, take time to plan what you want to say. Prepare an honest but direct statement on why you feel you deserve a raise and back it up with facts.


Respectfully explain why you are asking for a raise and make your case in a persuasive way. Show that you understand the value of money and express appreciation for all they have done for you so far. Explain the values you bring, for example, consistent, reliable care, providing stability and peace of mind for parents; and knowledge and trust.

You develop a deep understanding of their child’s personality and needs, you respond effectively to situations, and introduce enriching educational activities. You have a strong bond with the child and provide nurturing and stimulating environment.


Example: There’s something I’d love to discuss with you regarding my role here. Since I started, I’ve noticed [Child’s name] thriving in [specific area of development], and I believe my contributions have gone beyond the initial duties we outlined. For example, I’ve begun incorporating [specific educational activity] into our playtime, which has sparked [Child’s name]’s interest in [related topic]. Additionally, I’ve taken on the responsibility of [additional duty], which has helped to [positive impact on family life, e.g., streamline mornings, create a more organized space].

I’ve also done some research on nanny rates in our area. With my experience level and the responsibilities I handle, a fair compensation range would be [mention the desired raise range.


Ensure that you find or schedule some time to discuss your raise. Instead of waiting for a casual moment, take the initiative to schedule a dedicated time. This shows respect for their time and allows for a focused conversation. You could say something like, “Hi [Family name], I’d love to schedule a time to chat about my role here. Would [suggest specific time] work for you?”

Be prepared..

Remember, the family loves you and want to keep you in their family. Be prepared to answer any questions the family might have. They value you and want to keep you happy. There’s a chance they may have additional requests, and those are things you should be open discuss openly.


Once the conversation is over, express your appreciation for their time and consideration. Regardless of the outcome, having the conversation shows that you are serious about your job and value yourself as a nanny. 

With these tips and your dedication, you’re well-equipped to confidently request a raise and secure the compensation you deserve!

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