How to Ask for a Raise as a Nanny

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If you’re a struggling nanny in terms of asking for a raise. Unsure of how to approach it? Check out our engaging guide!

how to ask for a raise as a nanny…

To successfully request a raise as a nanny, it’s essential to show confidence and courage while making a compelling case for consideration. Be sure to practice what you plan to say beforehand so that it comes out clearly during the conversation. When having the discussion with your employer, be courteous and professional, but also honest and direct. 


Before approaching your employer, take time to plan what you want to say. Prepare an honest but direct statement on why you feel you deserve a raise and back it up with facts.


Respectfully explain why you are asking for a raise and make your case in a persuasive way. Show that you understand the value of money and express appreciation for all they have done thus far. 


Share the additional duties you’ve taken on since starting your job. Moreover, describe the value you bring to the family and how it has grown over time.


Ensure that you find or schedule some time to engage with the family you work for, discussing your raise.

Be prepared..

Be prepared for the possibility of no answers and know how to respond to this situation.

Those are our tips on how to ask for a raise as a nanny…

Once the conversation is over, be sure to follow up with any additional information that was requested or promised during the discussion. If nothing is said, send a courteous thank you note expressing your appreciation for their time and consideration. Regardless of the outcome, having the conversation shows that you are serious about your job and value yourself as an employee. 

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