Motherhood is Equal to 2.5 Full Jobs

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Do you feel overwhelmed with the mountain of tasks you need to complete each day? Between all the diaper-changing, meal prep, and bath-time duty, it’s no wonder you’re so tired. A recent study from Welch’s Market Researchers OnePoll showed that most mothers are working an average of 98 hours per week. In other words, they’re working the equivalent of 2.5 full time jobs.

A Never-Ending Workload

Between May 05, 2017, and May 11, 2017, the study profiled the weekly schedule of 2,000 mothers of children ages 5-12. 

On average, moms began checking off tasks at 6:23am and wouldn’t finish their parenting or work-related responsibilities until 8:31pm that evening. In total, that makes each day equivalent to a 14 hour shift--way more than the amount expected of a typical 8-5 full-time job. 

This exhausting workload might sound familiar to moms, especially those who are also employed. According to the US Department of Labor, in 2020, over 70 percent of all women with children under age 18 were working or looking for work. 

Yahoo News reports Casey Lewis, MS, RD and Health & Nutrition Lead at Welch’s said: “The results of the survey highlight just how demanding the role of mom can be and the non-stop barrage of tasks it consists of.”

The study also found four in ten moms feel overwhelmed with their responsibilities.

How Can You Help Mom? Not to work 2.5 Full Jobs

There are lifelines for mothers, though. 

The study found that wet wipes, tablets, fast food drive-thrus, and tv shows are the handy solutions to a mother’s most common problems. What else helps Mom’s sanity stay in check? 

Anything you can do to cut down on that never-ending pile of tasks would be great! Look around the house and think about what chores need to be done: cleaning or doing laundry, for example. Doing those routine tasks saves her time and energy.

Another big stressor is food. The study cites an overwhelming majority of moms (84%) are concerned about their children getting a healthy, well-rounded diet with vegetables and fruit. Extra help with grocery shopping, meal planning, and food preparation can do wonders for busy moms.

Most importantly, mothers need time to relax and recharge. The study reported the average mom is lucky to get around an hour and seven minutes to herself per day. For some moms, an hour alone might sound like a dream. Partners, grandparents, and supplemental caretakers like nannies and babysitters can step in and give mom a chance to “clock out.”

Sometimes, overworked moms might not even be sure how to unwind. Here are some ideas:

  • Watch a favorite movie or catch up on the latest show
  • Take a long bath
  • Enjoy a glass of wine or cup of coffee
  • Catch up with friends and family
  • Creative hobbies like art
  • Reading or journaling
  • Find help

While most moms would agree parenthood is worth all the stress and messes, there are still ways to make their lives easier. 

Moms don’t need a study to know motherhood is not an easy job–or 2.5 Full Jobs! Still, maybe it’s eye-opening for others to see the evidence of just how time-intensive motherhood can be. Hopefully, this research reminds the rest of society just how much support (and coffee) moms really need. 


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