Spice up the Playground: How to Play with the Elastic Jump Rope

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Jump rope is one of the classic children’s games, but there are more ways to play than you might remember! Read through this guide for instructions on how to play this fun new twist on the old-school game. Mix exercise with skill and luck, no batteries needed!

This is sometimes called the “Chinese jump rope” and it’s a little different than your average jump rope. This is one long elastic band, about three meters, with no opening. Because there are two ropes, this is like a double-dutch jump rope (with two ropes). 

Read on to see how this works!

Step 1: 

Begin with at least 3 players, ages up six or up. 

Start by having two players stand facing each other. Their arms should be at their sides. 

Then, they will take the rope, and place it around their ankles. The rope will look like a square.

Step 2:

The third player will begin to step into the square, jumping over the lines. 

How they jump is up to the player! They can jump one side at a time, both ropes, or make their own complex jump patterns.

Some options are:

  • Jumping with both feet at the same time, trying to get the rope in between their feet.
  • Jumping between the ropes, then jumping on the ropes
  • Jumping only on the ropes
  • Turning around and back
  • Twisting the rope around your ankle and then jumping out, landing on the ropes. 

It can get very complex! As players grow more comfortable with the ropes, they can try more difficult patterns. 

Step 3:

Now the other two players can chant, sing or recite nursery rhymes. See how long the third player can last jumping over one or both ropes. 

The jump rope will start to move up the two players’ legs and torsos, making it harder and harder for the third player to keep jumping. 

Challenge each other to see who can last the longest or jump the highest!

Step 4:

Keep going!

This elastic rope is three meters long, making it long enough for more players to jump in. Try with a fourth person or switch places. 

If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor activity that will get them thinking and exercising, look no further. This elastic rope is a great collaborative tool, getting them to work together to think of unique and challenging jump patterns. 

While it’s great for kids, parents can play too! Download some ideas on how to play this Chinese Jump Rope game FREE PDF


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