Easter Kids Activities

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Easter is a time for joy, family, and of course, excitement for the little ones! So, let’s get them hopping with fun and engaging Ester Kids activities that will make this Easter one to remember!

The Classic: Egg-cellent Egg Decorating

This timeless activity sparks creativity and allows kids to personalize Easter eggs. Get messy with traditional dyes, paints, markers, or even glitter! You can also explore natural options like using onion skins or beet juice for vibrant colors.

This Easter try decorating eggs with:

Let’s Get Crafty

Craft time is a fantastic way to unleash your child’s inner artist.

Paper Plate Bunnies: Cut out bunny ears from construction paper and attach them to decorated paper plates for adorable bunny faces.

Sock Bunnies: Upcycle old socks into cuddly bunny friends! Fill them with rice or cotton, tie a ribbon around the “neck,” and add felt ears and googly eyes.

Egg Carton Chicks: Transform empty egg cartons into a charming chick family. Paint them yellow, glue on construction paper beaks and eyes, and add fluffy cotton tails for extra cuteness.

Get Active: Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza – Easter Kids Activities

An Easter egg hunt is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! Hide eggs around the house, garden, or local park, and let the hunt begin.

Some fun ideas you might like

Add an educational twist by writing clues on the eggs leading to the next hidden one.

Create a bunny map with all hidden eggs

Count all the eggs and make your little ones count while they collect the eggs

Sensory Play: Exploring the Easter Basket

Fill a sensory bin with shredded paper, Easter-themed toys, plastic eggs, and colorful beans. Encourage your child to explore the textures, hide and find objects, and use their imagination to create Easter-themed stories. What a great Easter Kids Activities!

Bake & Decorate: Bunny-Shaped Treats

Bonding over baking is a perfect way to celebrate Easter. Use cookie cutters to make bunny-shaped cookies or cupcakes, and let your kids unleash their creativity with frosting and sprinkles.

Planting Seeds: Growing Joy

Get your kids excited about spring by planting seeds! Choose vegetables, herbs, or flowers, and let them experience the joy of nurturing life. This activity teaches responsibility and connects them to nature’s cycle.

Remember, the key is to have fun and create joyful memories with your little ones.

Happy Easter!

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